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About The Uncontested Divorce Ontario
I work collaboratively with my clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their needs.

An important fact is to know that we do not just work with people who want a divorce. These days many people are in common-law relations, and some have children with a person they never lived with. However, all need plans to deal with Child Support, Decision making, The Voice of the Child, Division of Property, Planning their Children's future, Behaviour Challenges and whatever else may come up. It is a proven fact that the presence of a neutral third person trained in conflict resolution can greatly assist in a fair resolution. Also, people in a stressful situation will most likely temper their conduct in the presence of another person.

Where do we mediate? Basically anywhere as we use ZOOM. However, most of our clients are in the Kawartha Lakes, Hastings, Peterborough and Northumberland region. Do we mediate out of province? Yes, let's discuss.

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